4 thoughts on “You’ve got the notion (primary edition)”

  1. Does NC allow voting by mail?

    I’ve found I’ve voted more consistently since moving to CA and OR where mail-in ballots are an option.

    1. You can vote absentee (with no excuse necessary), yes. That said, here in Lenoir, I’ve never seen a line to vote, not even for the “big ones.” Obviously that’s super-dependent on the precinct, though!

      1. There have been a couple of times were I had every intention of voting when I woke up but didn’t make it to the polling place before they closed. I like having it checked off well in advance.

        CA and OR also have 5x the amount of things to vote on as either of the places I lived on the East Coast. You almost need to vote by mail or bring a cheat sheet to the booth to wade through the ballot initiatives out here. =(

        1. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with bringing an “intention to vote” sheet to the voting booth, even though–at least to me–it feels weirdly transgressive. I wonder why that is, actually; some sort of weird mental belief in the sanctity of the voting booth or something? But I definitely did it a couple of times back in Baton Rouge, where there were often a lot of things on the ballot. It hasn’t been necessary (yet) here…

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